Can I get a Feng Shui Quote for doing my Home/Office?


Yes we certainly can.  Please write down the answers to the following questions below and submit them at



  1. How many bedrooms does your home have.
  2. How many bathrooms do you have?
  3. Are you on 1 floor level or 2 floor levels.
  4. How many people occupy the building.
  5. Please provide a clean copy of your floor plan.
  6. Please provide a floor plan that shows your furniture layout.

Submit this information at



  1. Do you know how many square meters you have in your offices?
  2. We need to know the key players in your business and the area they currently occupy on your floor plan.

Submit this information at



  1. A floor plan that's in scale.  Click here if you don't have one and we show you how: (look for the Feng Shui Toolkit - it's FREE).
  2. You need to know when your building was built and the approximate date you moved in.
  3. We need the birth dates of the people who occupy the building.
  4. We need to know whether the people are male or female.


Submit this information at


Thank you

Feng Shui Master Gayle Atherton
and the Team at Feng Shui Dragon Enterprises Pty Ltd.




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