The Best Way for Submitting Tickets

Thanks so much for submitting a ticket and letting us help you.

Sometimes we need to probe your question a little bit more in order to give you the right answer.  Here are some useful tips for getting the answer to your question the first time!


As annoying as it seems the following information is often very helpful in assisting us:

  1. Please identify which training you are doing and which module you are talking about so that we can identify what you might be referring to ie I'm in module 4 of the Feng Shui Toolkit and I'm up to the Google Compass Reading... (can you tell me... etc, etc, etc.)
  2. I'm having a problem with getting in to the website (please tell us which page you are on.  To do this easily click into the address bar of the web page, right click to copy and then paste it in with your information - this will help us a lot!! :-) )


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