About Our Firewall

Understanding our Website Firewalls

We have 2 x state of the art firewalls applied to every square inch of this website.  Unfortunately, this means you can accidentally lock yourself out of the website some times and might need to wait a little before you can log back in.


Those instances are when:

  1. You accidentally get your username and/or password wrong.
  2. You are consistently wrong with your username/password (you'll be locked out for about an hour (you can contact us and let us know and we can free you up instantly if we get your message)
  3. I've noticed that sometimes the membership software can substitute your email address for your username (ie it puts your email into the "username" box instead of your actual username and you don't realize it and then try to put your password in).  This is very annoying because its hard to realize what the problem is and you'll often get the above 2 errors.

    The Easy Solution: make sure your actual username is in the username box.


Things that can help

  • I always keep my passwords handy so that i can copy and paste them into the username/password boxes.  That way I can make sure I'm not doing a simple spelling mistake.
  • If you get 2 error messages about your username/password wait 10 minutes before you try to log in again.
  • Do contact us via the help desk if your having trouble we can unlock the firewall easily if we're at the computer.





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